Camber Restaurant Bar - Catering
Catering Party Trays
feeds 6-8 ppl per tray

Camber Rice Ball Salad (Nam Khao) 70
Papaya Salad (w/ lettuce & Vermicelli Noodle) 50
Chicken Larb Salad w/ lettuce 65
Tea Leaf Salad 75
Pad Si Ew (egg, tofu, broccoli, carrots) 50
Drunken Noodle (tomato, onion, carrots, red & green bell pepper) 50
Pad Thai (egg, tofu, bean sprout, green onion) 50
Garlic Noodle (parmesean cheese & chopped basil garnish) 50
Camber Fried Rice (chicken, shrimp, onions, egg) 75
Garlic Chicken (mushroom, onions, jalapeno) 75
Ginger Chicken (mushroom, onions, red & green bell pepper) 75
Chicken & Green Beans 75
Camber Curry Eggplant (carrot, green bean, onions 65
Camber Curry Chicken bell pepper, basil, jalapeno) 75
Bouncing Tofu (onions, jalapeno, on a bed of arugula) 75
Bouncing Beef (onions, jalapeno, on a bed of arugula) 120
Garlic Basil Eggplant (onions, jalapeno, bell pepper) 70
Garlic Basil Shrimp (onions, jalapeno, bell pepper) 80
Shrimp & Green Beans 80
Garlic Basil Fish (onions, jalapeno, bell pepper) 80
Tofu Green Beans 75
Beef Broccoli 90
Camber Veggies (Green beans, broccoli, carrots, and onions ) 65


Most of our food is made to order & garnished with cilantro & green onion,
we can alter dishes upon special request. Please place orders 24hrs in advance