Camber Restaurant Bar - Dessert
Torta Nocciola   9
Alternating layers of hazelnut cake, hazelnut cream & chocolate
cream, topped with praline hazelnuts 

Chocolate Dome   8
Decadent, rich chocolate mousse inside a layer of cocoa powder
dusted with powder sugar 

Tiramisu in a glass   9
Sponge cake soaked in espresso topped with marscarpone cheese 84 dusted with cocoa powder 

Mango Panna Cotta   8
Sweetened cooked cream topped with a refreshing mango sauce
and fresh berries 

Creme Brulee in Coccio   9.5
A creamy custard in a traditional ceramic Coccio 

Chocolate Cake   8
(GLUTEN FREE) Flourless chocolate cake made with the finest belgian
semi sweet chocolate, butter, cocoa powder and vanilla